The Hungarian Ministry of the Interior is proposing the country impose a state of emergency as thousands of refugees stream into the country, according to Interia, a Polish news website.

On Tuesday the proposal is to be the first item on the agenda during a meeting of Council of Ministers.

According to Interia, the number of refugees in the country now totals 175,000.

The United Nations refugee agency has told the country to improve conditions for refugees.

“UNHCR expects more people to come during the coming months,” Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR’s regional refugee coordinator for the refugee crisis in Europe, told a news conference, adding that 85 percent of those arriving were refugees.

“We are quite worried about the fact that a lot of people are sleeping in very dire situation at collection points,” he said. “These are not facilities that are made for people to stay overnight or stay long hours.”

According to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbanhas, the European Union should provide funds to countries surrounding the conflict zone to pay for sheltering and feeding the refugees.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has proposed a plan that would force some European countries to take refugees. The U.K., Denmark and Ireland, which have opt-outs from Europe’s common asylum system, would be excluded from the plan.

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