The Hungarian government has pledged measures to support naturally growing the population — rejecting mass migration — as an effort to halt the demographic decline after Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared 2018 to be a “year of families”.

“Brussels does not really have a family-friendly policy,”  Gabriella Selmeczi MP said as she chaired the Visegrád Group family policy parliamentary committee on Thursday.

“Our task is to strengthen the family policy,” Ms. Selmeczi added, with the committee agreeing that instead of mass migration “a good family policy” is the solution to the continent’s declining population.

The Hungarian provisions, which will “support childbearing in a working society”, would be built on three pillars: to reduce the cost of living, to ensure that Hungarians are not excluded from having families because of their economic situation, and to raise, in value, the public perception of child-rearing.

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