In an interview with a local TV broadcaster, Hungary Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, blamed George Soros for encouraging immigration and changing Europe’s population.

“The ’empire’ of US financier George Soros is working to make Europe a continent for migrants and will attack everyone hindering those efforts; not only Hungary, but the Czech Republic and Slovakia, too”, Orban said.

“Some seek to flood Hungary with migrants, so that the country changes the same way as many western European cities have,” he added.

Last week, Orban’s chief of staff, Janos Lazar, sparked a row about how migrants changed Austria’s capital, Vienna. Lazar said that the city “is dirtier, poorer and increasingly crime-ridden since migrants began living there”.

In Vienna there is “a city within a city” and if Hungary’s not careful its capital could look Vienna within 20 years, Lazar said. “There are a great number of schools in Vienna where there are no white Viennese children left, only the children of Muslim immigrants and immigrants from the Middle East,” he added.

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