The husband of Democrat Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey was charged with assault Monday, months after using a firearm to confront Black Lives Matter protesters who came to the front door of his home.

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The state attorney general filed three misdemeanor charges Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against David Lacey for assault with a firearm for the March 2 incident.

Lacey, 66, pointed a gun at demonstrators who protested outside the couple’s home before dawn on March 2 and said “I will shoot you,” according to video of the incident.

Footage taken by BLM activists shows a spooked Lacey answering his front door with a firearm and asking protesters to “Get off of my porch… I’ll shoot you, I don’t care who you are.”

Protesters meanwhile are heard asking Lacey to tell his wife to come to the door.

The Los Angeles DA at the time claimed her husband “acted in fear for my safety after we were subjected to months of harassment that included a death threat no less than a week earlier.”

Charging documents obtained by Politico show Lacey is charged with three separate counts of assault with a firearm, one for each of the protesters.

The charges against the DA’s husband simply for defending his property and his family are illustrative of how the BLM monster created by Democrats has come back home to roost.

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