Kurt Nimmo
March 28, 2012

A federal court in Detroit has acquitted members of the Hutaree “militia” because the government did not have evidence that they planned to kill a police officer and bomb a funeral.

Tina Stone, David Stone Jr., Michael Meeks, Thomas Piatek, and Kristopher Sickles were acquitted. David Stone Sr., and his son Joshua Stone, still face illegal weapons charges.

“There was no case. There was no conspiracy,” said Michael Rataj, who is representing Tina Stone. He said the case was the result of “overzealous federal agents,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

The judge also said the prosecution did not have a case. “The prosecution is not free to roam at large — to shift its theory of criminality so as to take advantage of each passing vicissitude of the trial,” Judge Victoria Roberts said. “If the government now admits that the plan alleged in Count 1 of the indictment (seditious conspiracy) did not exist, then defendants must be acquitted.”

“The government’s case is built largely of circumstantial evidence. While this evidence could certainly lead a rational fact finder to conclude that ‘something fishy’ was going on, it does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that defendants reached a concrete agreement to forcibly oppose the U.S. government,” Roberts wrote in her 28-page ruling.

“Judge Roberts understood that you just don’t charge individuals with doing certain things, then lump a lot of bad, scary evidence against them and expect a jury to convict,” defense attorney Mark Satawa, whose client Michael Meeks was jailed for two years, told the Detroit Free Press. “Her opinion shows exactly what we as lawyers have been saying all along: They did nothing wrong.”

The establishment media wasted little time convicting Hutaree members in the court of skewed public opinion. The Southern Poverty Law Center exploited the group to push its agenda of demonizing patriot groups and individuals opposed to a large and oppressive federal government.

Keith Olbermann and SPLC’s Mark Potok used government’s fallacious case to demonize patriots.

“The federal indictment against the Hutaree is tenuous at best,” we wrote two years ago. “It claims the group planned to kill cops. It looks like the cop killer scenarios were part of their training exercises — basically glorified paintball wars in the woods with live ammo — and not an active conspiracy.”

Supposedly “overzealous” federal agents represent a key component of the federal government’s terrorism charade. The FBI has made a cottage industry out of “sting” operations, that is to say introducing agents provocateurs into targeted groups and then attempting to frame group members as dangerous terrorists. Since 9/11, the agency has spent $3.3 billion of your money on domestic terrorism while spending $2.6 billion on organized crime.

Official numbers report 15,000 spies on the FBI’s roster. “In addition, for every informant officially listed in the bureau’s records, there are as many as three unofficial ones, according to one former high-level FBI official,” writes Trevor Aaronson.

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