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January 17, 2014

I completely agree with the other article that was recently posted on this subject matter.

It’s time to end public schooling.


Show me the petition and I’ll sign it. I urge everyone to do the same. Bring this issue to the highest courts in America. We should be able to school our children however we want and wherever we want to.

Giving our children over to criminal thugs to be brainwashed and turned against us should not be something that any American thinks is “cool”.

Having our children tricked out and pimped out by schools is something that should not be acceptable by ANY American family.

Home schooling needs to be made mandatory, and parents need to have the option of being payed for schooling our children. Paid by the government. In the same way that insurance companies get to steal money from our paychecks, in some cases half of it, because the government says it’s now the law.

The new law should be that one parent or both parents, if they choose to, should have the option of being paid, just like school teachers do, by the government, for willingly giving up their time to do other things in their Life, in order to school their children.

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