The latest successful network hack, this time against Sony Picture Entertainment, has taken on a life of its own. Many have taken to social media to support the company and some have even turned it into an electronic march for Freedom of Speech and Expression. The Whitehouse has now labeled the attack as a matter of National Security after coming to the conclusion that the attack was orchestrated by North Korea. I’m sure Sony is eating up the waves of support because it seems to be clouding the real issue. The company has taken a very political stance and assumed the role of victim instead of admitting its complicity in the event.

In my opinion, it’s Sony’s fault. If Sony had observed better data and network security practices, the event would never have happened. Some may argue this point with me, but once you understand how utterly inept Sony was and how truly lax its network security measures and policies, you might change your mind and instead of lobbying support behind the American subsidiary of the Japanese multinational conglomerate, might heap the blame where it’s deserved.

Hacks are attempted every day. Some successful, some not. We know this and have been reminded of it constantly with high profile intrusions like Target, UPS, and others this year. There have been more reported successful attacks this year than any other, and there’s no way to stop it. So, with the number of prosperous invasions clearly reported publicly, what took Sony so long to review its security policies? Didn’t Sony have access to the same news we did?

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