August 6, 2012

Someone help me – please. Chick-fil-A chairman Dan Cathy, a good Christian man with good Christian principles, expresses his support for the biblical definition of marriage, and it creates a firestorm of controversy? What the ….? What kind of world are we living in? There should have been nothing controversial at all about his statements. Apparently, there are many others who feel the same way I do, judging from the massive show of support the restaurant chain received the other day. This is not about so-called “gay rights,” as some would have us believe.

There is not one iota of evidence that Mr. Cathy or any of his Chick-fil-A employees have ever discriminated against anyone. All he was doing was stating his religious (and common sense) beliefs about the definition of marriage. When did it become so controversial for someone to state his or her religious beliefs in our country? I thought religious freedom was one of the foundational concepts of our beloved United States of America.

If your religion (or lack thereof) tells you that marriage between same-sex couples is valid, fine. You are free to express your views. I do not agree, but I respect your right to say what you think. I will not scream or protest like a raving maniac. I will not boycott you or attempt to censor you. I will not try to prevent you from expanding your business and trying to make an honest living. I will keep in mind that diversity also includes diverse opinions. I will also be mindful of the fact that the First Amendment was created not so much to protect the expression of popular or trendy viewpoints, but mainly to protect unpopular, out-of-favor, and politically incorrect speech.

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