An irate man interrupted a Catholic meeting about global warming in California this past weekend to accuse the church of selling its soul – another indication of how many Catholics feel uneasy about Pope Francis parroting rhetoric about global government and climate change.

The event, organized by Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, featured a number of speakers, from relief workers to scientists, who parroted the official view that man is causing global warming and that anthropogenic climate change represents an environmental crisis.

Earlier this summer, Pope Francis wrote a letter to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics calling for a new global authority to tackle climate change – a form of world government. The very notion of a “world government” makes many Christians uncomfortable because the Bible makes indirect references to such an “Antichrist” system in the final days, notably in the Book of Revelation.

Entitled “Laudato Si: Engaging Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Ecology,” the program for the event featured a number of recommendations for how Catholics could help fight climate change, including eating less meat and reducing their carbon footprint.

A handful of protesters stood outside the Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, Orange County before the Saturday meeting making their opposition heard, but the action really kicked off when a man suddenly stood up in the middle of a presentation and began yelling.

Before the man spoke, a woman in the crowd is heard to remark, “I’m sorry I can’t take this anymore.”

“This is the biggest instance of heresy….Im here to advocate for traditional Catholicism….how dare you,” asserts the man, before accusing some of the speakers of advocating abortion.

After quoting a bible verse, the man states, “I am here to present my concerns to the bishop,” accusing the church of “selling its soul”.

After briefly trying to carry on with the event, the organizers hastily call for the whole audience to recite a prayer in order to drown the man out. The man first becomes angry with a security guard and is then escorted out by a police officer.

The Orange County Register later published a noticeably bias piece which venerated the church group.

“One woman walked out, saying she couldn’t take it anymore. A man shouted – and didn’t stop shouting – that he wanted his old church back. I’m not sure what church he was talking about,” wrote David Whiting.

Whiting noted how when the prayer began, the shouting stopped, asserting that this represented a “powerful” moment of “hope”.

In reality, the fact that the prayer was used to drown out voices of dissent made it look like some kind of creepy cult-like invocation.

Many Catholics and Christians in general are becoming extremely concerned about why the Pope is parroting new age talk about global government and Mother Earth, the kind of rhetoric usually spouted by pagans.

Indeed, environmental activists, many of whom advocate population reduction, are now literally creating idols out of Hindu Goddesses to whom sacrifices were made in the name of saving humanity, as seen in the clip below.

The fact that the Pope is turning what should be a scientific debate – the environment and climate change – into a spiritual crusade – perhaps underscores how weak the science really is if it requires divine intervention to give it some kind of legitimacy.

So long as Catholics carry on regurgitating whatever the Pope says without a shred of skepticism, incidents like the one in the video above will continue to happen.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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