An Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agent was hospitalized Friday morning following an attempt to apprehend a criminal illegal alien in Austin, Texas, the federal agency said in a statement.

The incident happened around 6:30AM when the federal agent pulled over a man for a routine traffic stop.

Austin police also arrested two women who accompanied the man and who also had warrants out for their arrests.

“A spokesperson for ICE released a statement stating the ICE officer was injured while he was arresting a ‘criminal alien,’” reported NBC affiliate KXAN. “The officer was treated and released from the hospital.”

KVUE News has additional details:

KVUE News spoke with Teresa Velazquez, the mother-in-law of the man detained. Velazquez claims the man has a work visa for the United States. She said the ICE officer claimed to have a warrant and tried to detain him, so he ran. At some point, the man and the officer ended up on the ground wrestling.

According to Velazquez, the officer reported the man punched him during the scuffle.

There were originally conflicting reports about who was taken to a medical facility for evaluation. ICE now confirms one of their officers was checked out at a free-standing ER and released.

Following the arrest, Austin City Council Member Greg Casar spoke out against “large amounts” of ICE sweeps he says have been taking place in North Austin in the past day.

“ICE actions like these are beyond reprehensible. They instill fear in the community, and they make everyday people fear for their lives,” Casar said.

Casar is the same city council member who last week put out an infographic telling illegal immigrants not to comply with federal immigration officials and urging them to “fight back.”

ICE claims they are not conducting sweeps of illegal aliens.

The arrest arrives as the annual “Texas warrant roundup” kicks off, with several state and local law enforcement agencies targeting locals who are wanted for arrest.

More on this as it develops…

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