A pro-abortion ice cream shop in Oregon whipped up a special flavor for its recent Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

What’s the Scoop? in Portland is evidently unfazed by the recent sting videos showing Planned Parenthood administrators apparently profiting off the sale of aborted fetal organs.

According to a Facebook post, the small-batch ice cream shop held a fundraiser for the state’s PP chapter last week, unveiling the “Taste of Victory” flavor to “help support this wonderful organization.”

“We will be hosting a fundraiser to benefit the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon at What’s the Scoop? from 5pm-8pm,” the Facebook post read. “10% of all proceeds during these hours will be donated.”


“Taste of Victory” is described as an ice cream containing Oregon strawberries and white chocolate “freckles.” The small chunks of strawberry flesh may harken back, for some, images suggested by Planned Parenthood Senior Director Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who casually discussed removing vital organs from aborted babies for profit.

What’s the Scoop? similarly held a fundraiser for the organization last year, which led to the store owners having to defend themselves from the pro-life community.

Facebook users left several comments on the company’s page expressing their opposition to the event.

“Apparently this ice cream shop believes the taste of aborted babies is the sweet taste of victory,” one user said. “This taste costs babies more than an arm and a leg. It costs them their liver, lungs and hearts, while Planned Parenthood profits off of them.”

“Planned Parenthood is an evil organization. Stop killing innocent babies!” another said.

Since two damning videos produced by the Centers for Medical Progress surfaced, which show two separate Planned Parenthood representatives haggling the price of harvested fetal organs, several politicians and corporations have come out condemning the abortion provider for its cavalier discussions of selling fetal tissue, a practice in violation of federal law.

“I think the time is now to discuss whether taxpayer dollars should be going to such a gruesome procedure,” presidential candidate Rand Paul said in a recent appearance on Fox News Sunday. “People are outraged by this and I think the American people deserve to have a vote on it.”

Yesterday, Planned Parenthood was the target of an attack from a group of hackers, who obtained employee names and email addresses.

H/T: Steve Ertelt

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