Idaho legalized the carry of a concealed firearm without a permit on Friday.

Republican Gov. Butch Otter signed SB 1389 into law after it passed both the House and Senate with large majorities. The law allows everyone who is a resident of Idaho, is 21 years of age or older, and legally allowed to posses a firearm, to carry a firearm concealed on their person without obtaining a permit first.

The move makes Idaho the ninth state, following on the heels of West Virginia, to adopt a permitless framework, commonly referred to as “constitutional carry.” The trend of states moving to constitutional carry laws has accelerated sharply since 2003, when only Vermont had such a system.

Though gun carry laws vary from state to state, most laws adhere to one of three standards. The most popular of these is the “shall-issue” framework, which 33 states now employ, and it requires state officials to issue a permit to anybody who meets certain training requirement and passes a background check.

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