Jurriaan Maessen
April 12, 2009

A Fox News pundit outrageously suggested that Ron Paul bought and paid for the votes he received at the latest SRLC straw poll.

Ron Paul”, said the Fox presenter, “was apparently giving out tickets for about 30, 35 dollars from his website and he was picking and defraying the cost of the 135 dollar tickets himself. It was almost as if he was paying for people to come there.”

It comes as no surprise to hear the thoroughly discredited Fox News continue its attacks on Ron Paul. Let’s not forget the network among other things banned the Texas congressman from participating in their New Hampshire debate at the beginning of ’08. But this latest example really is so ludicrous, not even Glenn Beck would have come up with such a claim. As if Ron Paul needs to, or is in the business of, paying folks to vote for him! If someone is playing unfairly here, it’s Fox.

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This is another example of the classic bait and switch tactics employed by Fox News. One moment they are talking small government and individual liberty, the next they empty their verbal machine-guns on the truth. As we have exhaustively pointed out, Fox is there to appease conservatives, as they don’t shy away from openly flirting with libertarianism on the one hand, hijacking any and every grassroots movement in a blink of the eye; MSNBC and CNN, on their respective sides of the playing field, cover the liberal part of the false paradigm. Notice how all parties remain inside their respective boundaries, careful not to trip on each others toes. In the pursuit of geopolitical objectives (in this case undermining true conservatives) there is a sudden and absolute consensus.

Whether it’s Fox or one of the other brands of lemonade, all the salesmen involved are in perfect agreement with each other when it comes to capturing liberty in quotes, demonizing truth and watering down the significance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Over time the tactics have been refined to such a degree that the viewership is made to believe that there is an ideological battle going on between the different networks. In fact, this ‘battle’ is being fought with wooden shields and plastic swords as the perpetrators attempt to look as battle-hungry as possible. The ones that are being attacked with real weaponry, are the people the mainstream media professes to serve.

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