Daily Mail
September 30, 2011

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has fought back against allegations he profiteers from his work in the Middle East, claiming most of his work is done for free.

Thought to be the richest former prime minister in British history, he has made millions since leaving office in 2007 with roles including advising US investment bank JP Morgan bank – for £2 million a year – and setting up his own consultancy firm.

But the ex-PM has faced criticism in his globe-trotting role as Middle East peace envoy for America, Russia, the EU and UN, with officials in the Palestinian Authority accusing him of acting like an ‘extreme’  Israeli diplomat and claims he profited from deals in the region.

However, in a robust rebuttal, he says it is ‘absolutely untrue’ that he benefited from a mobile phone network deal in the Palestinian Authority and that any allegation of a conflict of interest on a Gaza gas deal is ‘tenuous’.

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