The left-wing media in the US are blaming President Trump for a toxic atmosphere gripping the country. But the truth is that his polarizing rhetoric has been a boon to the “newstertainment” industry, media analyst Lionel told RT.

Lionel believes if Donald Trump were to resign from office and leave the presidency to Mike Pence, the same media personalities who are criticize him now would be mortified, because the controversial president is such a great ratings booster.

“Do you know who would be crying the loudest? Who would be jumping out of windows and considering seppuku? It would be the Left. They’d be like the parasites of a host that has died… They don’t forage for themselves. They are vultures looking for carrion while the last piece is gone. They love him so much!”

The criticism of Trump in the US entertainment industry has become no less toxic than the rhetoric he is blamed of using. Just this week journalist Julia Ioffe claimed on CNN that Trump radicalized more people that ISIS ever did – a statement she later apologized for. Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre put a prayer in end credit that basically asks God to give the midterms to Democrats and get Trump impeached. Last week the New York Times published Trump assassination fiction just as the US was dealing with mail bomb scare.

The US media has been turning into the echo chamber it is today for quite some years, as the industry got bigger and more concentrated and journalists got entangled into peer feedback loop on Twitter. But with Trump as president this trend accelerated greatly, because people found that saying vile things about him is a booster and not a potential career ender, Lionel pointed out. It’s almost like a drug addiction.

“You tweet something and they say: it was nice. ‘Well, I got to tweet more. I’ll be vile and profane and just obscene’. And that is just going off the rail,” he said. “In America the line between fame and infamy has been all but erased. It doesn’t matter how terrible were the things that you said.

“How many likes did I get? – Likes? They hate you! – Doesn’t matter. Did they mention me? – Yes, they are calling for your arrest! – Good. How many people are calling for my arrest? – Millions. – Great!”

Ironically, this race for media virility through overhyped coverage of what Trump said and what somebody said about Trump is not that relevant to common voters, Lionel points out.

“Most Americans couldn’t care less about it. This is a part that absolutely confounds me. We are talking about living in a bubble. ‘We are the elite media. We believe everyone sees the things the way we do. That they care about things that we care about,’” he jested.

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