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November 21, 2013

I have been living as an expat for 9 years. I am a single American Christian woman and I have found a place which is practically self sufficient in a small town in the mountains of Italy. The knowledge of the locals is unbelievable regarding living off the land, farming, hunting and animal husbandry. I am laying down the groundwork for even higher standards of food production and all absolutely organic. There is clean water, clean air and no electromagnetic frequencies. Just one road in or out. Full of caves since the town if found inside an extinct volcano. There is even an old fashion grain mill!! I have rented a small house for €200 a month and other properties are for sale at reasonable cost.

I was wondering (and am throwing this out there) how many people would take the opportunity if this was offered. I won’t give more information now, I’m playing with the idea of inviting a few to join.


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