Bill Anderson
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June 2, 2012

Tom Dilorenzo’s article today highlighting activities of the leftist hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, exposes the darling of the New York Times and college faculties. The NYT takes everything coming from the SPLC as Gospel, as well as do college professors across the country.

Yet, even the SPLC’s latest rant troubled the hard-left Mother Jones a little bit, but then the columnist that was dissenting fell back into line. (Apparently, she did not want to make the SPLC’s “Intelligence Report,” which is that organization’s version if “kneecapping” people it does not like.) Columnist Stephanie Mencimer wrote that one of the people making the list, Michael Bolden of the Tenth Amendment Center, came to his position through hard-core beliefs in the civil liberties that Leftists so loudly claim they support:

Boldin got into politics through his opposition to the Iraq war, not through the tea party or any other right-wing cause. He is a libertarian, and believes the Tenth Amendment applies to all sorts of things that right-wingers generally wouldn’t agree with. For instance, he and his organization support pot legalization and the right of states to legalize gay marriage. Lately, though, he has been focused on state opposition to the new National Defense Authorization Act because he believes it could allow for the indefinite detention of American citizens—a position that puts him squarely on the side of the American Civil Liberties Union.

However, Mencimer, ever the Good and Loyal Leftist Soldier, then adds:

SPLC deserves credit for keeping tabs on the nation’s potentially violent fringe elements, but it does seem like they are occasionally casting too wide a net in their efforts to identify the next Timothy McVeigh. But then again, it only takes one guy like him to create mass carnage. Maybe when it comes to monitoring extremism, you can’t really have too much information.

In other words, anyone who dares speak out against the abuses of the state — and especially a state governed by Barack Obama — probably is planning on blowing up federal buildings or worse and needs to be monitored 24/7 — just in case. In the end, human rights mean nothing to the Left, and all of the lefty talk about civil liberties is just that: talk.

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