An illegal alien from Mexico pleaded guilty on Wednesday to charges of secretly filming a woman in a Walmart bathroom and he might soon be released into the U.S., according to the local sheriff.

He was sentenced to 270 days in jail and could be released as early as next month. Border Patrol currently has an immigration hold placed on the Mexican national.

Jose Santos Argueta was arrested on Valentine’s Day after a Hispanic woman noticed a cell phone on the floor under her public bathroom stall, according to San Angelo Live. She realized she was being filmed and contacted store security and the San Angelo Police Department. Argueta gave permission for police to go through his phone and the video was found.

He has been in jail since being arrested, and the 243 days he spent behind bars will be credited towards his 270-day sentence. Despite the immigration hold placed by federal authorities, under President Obama’s Priority Enforcement Program (PEP), it is possible that Argueta could be released from custody and set free as early as next month.

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