Three illegal aliens attacked Alabama police officers during a routine traffic stop Monday, with one of the immigrants taking a bite out of one of the cop’s arms.

Summerdale Police Officer Vince Miller claims the assault happened after he pulled a vehicle over under the suspicion of drinking and driving.

Summerdale Corporal Vince Miller / Credit: WKRG

After the driver resisted arrest for DUI, Miller says two other men stepped out of the vehicle and overpowered him and his partner.

“They did reach for my weapon several times,” Corporal Miller claims, illustrating the intense life or death struggle.

“Yeah, it could have been fatal,” the officer says looking back.

Corporal Miller was beaten, and sustained a bite complete with teeth marks.

“He did bite pretty good and it took a little piece off of it,” the officer told WKRG.


After requesting backup, the three illegals were eventually arrested for various charges including “assault, eluding, resisting arrest, DUI, public intoxication, obstruction and refusing to aid an officer,” according to WKRG.

The three suspects were all discovered to be in the country illegally hailing from Mexico or Central America.

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