Illegal immigrants—along with other non-citizens without the right to vote—may help Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton win the White House?

Wait, what? Yes, that’s the conclusion of a new analysis in Politico that makes the case that the Electoral College’s skewed math based on the population of states – both the legal and illegal population – directly favors so-called blue states that lean Democratic.

How? The Electoral College awards one elector for each U.S. Senator, thus 100 of the total, and D.C. gets three electors pursuant to the 23rd Amendment. Those electoral numbers are unaffected by the size of the non-citizen population.

But “the same cannot be said for the remaining 435, more than 80 percent of the total, which represent the members elected to the House.” Those are allocated based on the U.S. Census, which are reapportioned every ten years to reflect the population changes found in the census.

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