Adan Salazar
June 22, 2012

Carrying concealed may save your life, or at the very least help you subdue your assailant. That’s the conclusion that Wrigleyville, Illinois resident Michael Schmidt has come to after his weekend close encounter with death.

Sunday he was walking his dog in a dark part of his neighborhood when a man came up to him with an 8 to 10 inch bowie knife and slashed his throat.”I saw a man approaching. I stepped out of the way,” Schmidt explained to NBC Chicago.

As Schmidt moved out of the stranger’s way to attend to his dog, he explains the assaulter “came up from behind, put his left arm over my chest, took his right arm, and slashed my throat from left to right.”Schmidt grabbed his throat, putting pressure on the wound and turned around to view his attacker. The assailant walked about ten steps up the sidewalk and turned around, seemingly to watch his victim die. “He looked at me and just stared at me. He never once said one word, he just stared at me, never tried to rob me.”

At that point Schmidt’s dog, sensing something was wrong with her master, stepped between the would-be-murderer and his victim. Schmidt thinks that if it wasn’t for his dog the aggressor may have come back to finish the job: “She was growling. She obviously knew something was wrong.”

Fortunately Schmidt was able to walk over to a bus stop and ask someone to phone for help, but his attacker came back. “He called 911 and while he was on the phone he turned around and he was like, ‘Oh my God is that him?’ He was standing in the middle of Iron Street watching us.”

Schmidt’s encounter with the random act of violence has led him to the conclusion that if he had had a gun, he may have been able to bring his attacker down, or at least somewhat level the playing field: “I’m all for carrying concealed weapons.”

Wrigleyville is a northern suburb of Chicago. “Local law bans possession of a handgun in almost all cases” Jennifer Hoyle, spokeswoman for the city’s law department, told the Chicago Tribune in a 2000 interview. “There is a limited exception that allows someone who lives outside the city to transport a gun through the city in a vehicle, if the gun is in a non-functioning state. But merely keeping the gun unloaded wouldn’t make it legal,” Hoyle said.

The confrontation, however, highlights the need to ban unconstitutional laws that prohibit concealed carry. Chicago is notorious for violating citizens’ rights. Two weeks ago RT reported a pregnant woman being tasered by Chicago cops, something cops may have thought twice about had she been carrying concealed. Chicago also regularly holds “gun drives” in which they hand out gift cards in exchange for handguns, no questions asked.

As we have seen throughout history, the first step towards totalitarian dictatorship is to disarm the population. Kurt Nimmo writes, “keep in mind the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was a big advocate of gun control. In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control and from 1929 to 1953 about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.”

After this last weekend, no one has to tell Michael Schmidt about the importance of being able to carry concealed. “I think Chicago needs to release this ban. I believe it’s unconstitutional; it’s unjust. Now it’s justified for us to be carrying weapons. If they are, so should we.”

Watch this video of a man in Portland, Maine who gets detained without suspicion of any criminal activity for legally open carrying his firearm. The cops confiscate his gun, however the man knows his rights and is able to get his gun back from the officers.

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