Kurt Nimmo
April 26, 2010

Not really. The Speaker of the Illinois House wants a “Gun Control Week” declared. In addition, “Speaker of the House Mike Madigan may require that the House of Representatives remain in session until it passes Daley’s 2010 gun control package,” according to an email alert sent out by the Illinois State Rifle Association. Daley proposes the following raft of unconstitutional legislation:

HB180 – a scheme to run gun shops out of business by forcing shops to get licensed and comply with a slew of burdensome regulations.

HB5480 – would ban private firearm sales and force citizens to process private sales through licensed gun shops. (Yes, those are the same gun shops that will be run out of business by HB180 above)

HB5495 – would prohibit law-abiding citizens from purchasing more than one gun per month. Of course, criminals are exempt from this gun-rationing scheme.

HB5751 – would give you 90 days to surrender all your semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns to the state police or face felony prison time.

HB5849 – would make it a felony to use a case other than one designed for a firearm to transport it and give the police greater power to confiscate your guns for “improper transportation” even if you have committed no other crime.

HB6123 – would make it a felony to sell a firearm to someone who looks like a gang member (ie: Black, Hispanic, shaved heads (all races), tattoos (all races), motorcyclists (all races), etc.)

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As a former Chicago resident, I can tell you that just about the only people on the street with illegal guns are “gang-bangers,” that is to say drug dealers and their executioners. Home invaders and assorted criminal thugs come in second. Closing down gun shops and forcing law-abiding residents to turn in their rifles and shotguns will not ameliorate the situation — it will make it worse. Home invaders will become fearless if they know the population is completely disarmed.

I lived on the west-side of Chicago. Most of the people I knew owned guns to protect themselves. If Daley and his bureaucrats pass these laws, residents will become insta-felons. Daley is telling city residents they have no right to protect themselves and their families.

Now the state wants to put the National Guard on the streets. This is basically a public relations stunt (and intimidation of law-abiding citizens) and will do nothing to end drug dealing and its associated turf war violence.

Instead of decriminalizing drugs and allowing residents the right to protect themselves, Daley and the Illinois Senate will turn Chicago into a large prison camp (or larger than it already is) with National Guard soldiers making sure the inmates cannot protect themselves. Residents with firearms will be no different than the residents of Baghdad. Armed soldiers trained to kill and break things will be assisting the cops in breaking down doors and hauling citizens off to prison.

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