Clark Camp is a slight, mild-mannered blond who has spent recent weeks preparing to be locked away in a New York state prison for the next two years.

The 29-year-old Hawaii native faces a second-degree weapons possession charge, a crime that carries a mandatory five-year sentence in New York, yet Camp’s lawyer, almost miraculously, managed to have that reduced to two. Camp has no criminal record and no prior arrests.

His life changed one night in 2016. He was living in San Diego and on his way home decided to stop into a bar down the street for a nightcap. He made eyes with a girl and they struck up conversation.

“We shared a plate of nachos, some drinks, and some laughs,” Camp recalls.

A whirlwind romance ensued over the next few days. Camp, who has never had much luck with women, fell madly in love. A few days later the two set off for an overnight trip to Mexico and rented a beachside Airbnb in Baja. As she prepared to return home to Brooklyn, and their affair drew to a close, the two found themselves unable to part. The woman suggested they take a road trip back to New York and perhaps Camp ought to just stay and live with her.

He would do just that, packing a few bags and heading cross-country in April 2016. But early on there were signs that she perhaps suffered from emotional issues. And one year later, Camp came back to their apartment to find his girlfriend naked on the sofa with another man. A heated argument broke out.

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