The state-backed Swedish Institute handed control of its official Twitter account over to a Lebanese migrant who then proceeded to tweet, “I’m the immigrant f**king your daughter while you’re trying to sleep ignoring her moans calling me ‘daddy'”.

Billed as “a new Swede every week,” the Twitter account (@sweden) rotates between different individuals who tweet about “life in Sweden” under the umbrella of the ‘Curators of Sweden’ project.

The Swedish Institute itself is a partially taxpayer-funded body which says its mission is to “promote Sweden and Swedish issues globally”.

When Elias Kreidy was given control of the account, he wasted no time in stoking controversy, tweeting, “I’m the immigrant f**king your daughter while you’re trying to sleep ignoring her moans calling me ‘daddy'”.

Although that tweet was later deleted, Kreidy went on to chide Swedes with a number of antagonistic barbs.

Kreidy then suggested that Swedes were “racists” who were not the original inhabitants of the country.

When someone tweeted that Kreidy didn’t represent Swedes, Kreidy responded by telling him to “go back to fucking your sister”.

Elsewhere Kreidy tells another person to “go and fuck yourself” for bringing up Sweden’s rape epidemic since it opened its doors to mass immigration, claiming that the charge is based on “fake racist facts”.

The remarks are particularly crass given that Sweden is widely known as the rape capital of Europe due in no small part to immigrants – mainly Muslims – being massively over represented in official rape statistics.

Swedish Institute responded to the controversy by insisting that the views expressed were those of the individual and that it would not delete the tweets unless they were deemed to be “really offensive”.

Back in December we reported on how Sweden’s top public broadcaster had ordered its employees not to use the word “immigrant” because it might be seen as politically incorrect.

Despite the series of controversial tweets, the Swedish Institute has not revoked Kreidy’s access to the account, which has over 89,000 followers, and he will remain in control of it until March 28th.


– Sweden is a country in which some politicians have called for giving free housing, jobs and welfare to returning ISIS jihadists – all at taxpayer expense.

– Sweden is a country that is suffering a major housing shortage yet simultaneously has politicians telling its citizens that they may need to give up their garages in order to house third world immigrants.

– Sweden is a country where victims of Muslim gang rapes are unsure about whether to report the crime to police because they fear doing so may offend the perpetrator.

– Sweden is also a country that hires ISIS-sympathizers to run its immigration boards. The country’s taxpayer-funded “expert” on Islamophobia, Michael Nikolai Skråmo, also went on to join ISIS.

– As we reported earlier this year, a Swedish Bishop in Stockholm proposed removing crosses from a Christian church and replacing them with Islamic symbols in order to cater for Muslims.

– Sweden is a country in which prominent Swedish politicians are charged with hate crimes for drawing attention to any of these issues.

Find out more about how Sweden is the perfect illustration of liberalism gone mad in the video below.


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