July 17, 2013

US Pre-sident Barack Obama’s cherished dream of comprehensive immigration reform was said to be in danger of dying a “slow, painful death” in Congress especially after the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on July 10 inched closer to rejecting key elements of a Senate-passed proposal and incurring the wrath of the politically significant Latino community.

Emerging from a two-hour caucus on how to break the logjam over whether to give the 11 million undocumented workers in the country a pathway to eventual citizenship, Republican Congress-men said their party had a “50-50 split” on the issue.

Congress’ boxing match over the immigration bill is being closely watched in India too, especially as the “Gang of Eight” Senators, who pulled together the initial reform proposals included hikes in the application fee for H-1B visas that India leads other nations in. Along with other measures to tighten the screws on the grant of such visas the Senate proposal, if passed, may have a negative impact on firms hiring foreign nationals.

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