Laura Matthews
International Business Times
August 29, 2013

After years of waiting and several missed deadlines, the House’s bipartisan “Gang of Seven” is ready to push its 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill sometime in October, a Democratic staffer close to the issue has told the International Business Times.

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez has said earlier this week, while speaking in Republican territory in Virginia, that he’s already signed off on the measure and eager to introduce it. Now we know that all the Democrats within the bipartisan gang remain unified on the agreement and are waiting on their Republican counterparts to sign off on it.

When the Republicans give the go signal, the group will wait for what it believes is the “right bipartisan moment” to introduce the bill, which members believe is in October. By that time they hope Congress will be over the budget fight, with an appropriations bill passed to avert the threat of a government shutdown.

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