As part of its ongoing crusade to eradicate symbols of Christianity throughout China, communist authorities in the coastal Zhejiang province have demolished yet another Christian church building after reportedly claiming that the church’s cross was too high and thus in violation of building codes.

According to the religious freedom group China Aid, a demolition team of several dozen people destroyed the Island Head Christian Church on April 13 in the city of Wenzhou, under the pretense that the building was illegally constructed. While church leaders and other members of the faithful resisted the demolition at first, they later yielded when state officials threatened the demonstrators.

One of the church members estimated that the razing of the three-story church represents a cost of some 3 million Yuan (U.S. $460,000).

In China’s first conference on religious freedom in fifteen years last weekend, President Xi Jinping demanded that “unyielding Marxist atheists” impose communism onto the nation’s religious groups.

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