Presidential hopeful Ben Carson told a packed Hall County megachurch this morning that he would bring God back to the forefront of American life, and he would go to war with the “PC police” to do it.

Georgia has looked a little like New Hampshire this weekend, with the two polling leaders for the Republican presidential nomination almost bumping into each other. Donald Trump staged a rally in Norcross on Saturday afternoon, then Carson signed copies of his new book up the road in Lawrenceville on Saturday evening.

This morning, Carson spoke to thousands at the Free Chapel in Gainesville and signed copies of A More Perfect Union, as part of a book tour not planned or staged by his campaign – but unmistakably part of his quest for the presidency:

“A lot of people have said to me: ‘Why are you willing to get into this fray when you had such a wonderful career and reputation and you were blessed financially and you could just sit back and relax?’

“Well, I’ll tell you why: it’s because America is worth saving. If that means getting into a war with the PC police, I’m ready to fight that war. And I hope you will join me.”

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