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South Texas church groups are working around the clock to shuttle what appears to be hundreds of illegal immigrants to housing facilities, benefiting the Obama administration in its deliberate plan to flood America with illegal aliens for political purposes.

Infowars reporters are on the ground in the Rio Grande Valley, the continental United States’ southernmost region, where children and parents from Central America are pouring by the thousands past the US-Mexico border with hopes the U.S. will soon grant them amnesty, which the Obama administration has practically done through selective enforcement of immigration laws.

While monitoring activity at a bus station in McAllen, Texas, Infowars witnessed several church group vans arriving throughout the day and being loaded to capacity with children (many of them without parents), before heading out to facilities nearby.

Illegal immigration by youth to the U.S. has increased over 1300% in the past three years, from 6,500 in 2011 to around 90,000 this year, and may more than double in 2015.

Graphic via church group's Facebook page.
Graphic via church group’s Facebook page.

Efforts to house the undocumented immigrants come as agents with the Department of Homeland Security are reaching a breaking point, with one agent telling Infowars he believed the Obama Administration was deliberately facilitating the flow.

“We cannot get any attention or relief down here,” the agent wrote to us last week in a distressing letter, prior to DHS officialdom imposing a gag order, threatening criminal charges for agents who dare speak out on the broken state of the nation’s immigration system. Since then the agent has not returned our emails.

“We desperately need immediate manpower, resources, and a firm support of Americans. This is de facto amnesty. The President and the Secretary of Homeland Security will ignore this issue as long as possible in order to let as many illegal aliens gain entry into the United States.”

Infowars witnessed church group vans shuttling unaccompanied minors to nearby facilities.
Infowars witnessed church group vans shuttling unaccompanied minors to nearby facilities.

Despite numerous pleas to focus resources on the crisis, the flood of illegals into the US has continued apace, with as many as 47,000 unaccompanied minors estimated to have arrived in just the last eight months alone.

Many of the children are sent on the perilous trek through Mexico by parents believing the United States has issued a decree welcoming them with open arms, with many alleging Central American newspapers are the primary propagators of the disinformation.

But these newspapers are simply reporting on policies by the Obama administration that defer deportation to minors brought to the United States as children by their parents as well as the mass housing of illegal immigrants at military bases across America, such as the shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas which Infowars visited last week.

Vice President Joe Biden is set to head to Guatemala on Friday to meet with Central American leaders from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador concerning the crisis.

According to Reuters, Biden will reiterate the “Obama administration’s efforts to discourage parents in those countries from sending their children on dangerous trips to the United States,” despite Biden himself stating in a speech last week that the US needs a “constant and unrelenting stream” of new immigrants, and President Obama also announcing the nation’s “future rests on [the] success” of so-called “DREAMers.”

In August 2012, ICE agents attempted to sue the former Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, saying the “[T]he Obama administration ordered federal law enforcement agents to break the law, to ignore the laws that they’re supposed to enforce, and, in the case of the ICE agents, to actually break federal laws that say you’re supposed to deport certain people.”

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