In her sworn responses to 25 questions about her improper use of a private email server, Hillary Clinton 20 times says she “does not recall.”

Although she objects to almost every question posed by Judicial Watch as “being outside the scope of permitted discovery,” she nevertheless responds to most of them, as a federal judge in Washington ordered her to do under oath. But most of her answers say she “does not recall.”

For example, Clinton does not recall whether she thought her email might be subject to FOIA requests; she does not recall being warned about hacking, even though one of the warnings had her name at the bottom; and “she does not recall altering, destroying, disclosing, or using any e-mails related to official State Department business…or instructing anyone else to do so after she left office and before her attorneys reviewed the e-mails…in response to the State Department’s request.”

Clinton decided that, “once her work-related and potentially work-related e-mails were provided to the State Department, she had no reason to keep her personal e-mails, which did not relate to official State Department business. She believes that her personal e-mails were not kept, and she does not have any personal knowledge about the details of that process.”

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