Military personnel in Russia’s air defense and anti-missile units in Moscow were placed on high alert Tuesday as a part of wide-ranging training exercises, reported Russian state news outlet Tass. The call was the first step of the Combat Commonwealth-2015 training exercises that were scheduled to include a number of nations and last into September.

“The Combat Commonwealth-2015 joint exercises of the CIS united air defense system have started with the placement of the Air and Space Force’s air defense and anti-missile defense units and formations located in the Moscow region on full alert,” said Col. Andrei Zolotukhin, spokesman for Russia’s Air and Space Force, according to Tass. “About 20 military units of the armed forces of the countries integrated into the CIS united air defense system were alerted in the first day of the maneuvers.”

The planned military training, which is focused on air defense, is scheduled to take place in three stages and run through Sept. 11. Military personnel from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia are set to participate alongside Russian forces. In total, the training will include more than 1,000 troops.

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