Despite claiming victory with Conor Lamb’s apparent win in Pennsylvania, Democrats have a lot to worry about because Lamb had to embrace the Trump agenda to barely beat a weak GOP candidate.

It’s a study of contrasts: in public, Democrats and the mainstream media were quick to claim a “Blue Wave” was towering above Trump – the Boston Globe even called it as “tsunami” – but in private, the election is fueling concern amongst Democrats who lack a cohesive strategy in the Trump era.

The Pennsylvania special election was basically a joust between two candidates striving to convince voters he was the one who embraced Trump the most.

Lamb even claimed to be pro-gun and supportive of Trump’s tax cuts, unlike the majority of congressional Democrats.

“If you didn’t know any better, Lamb’s a Trump acolyte. He had to run as Donald Trump,” noted radio host Rush Limbaugh. “In fact, you might even be able to say that Conor Lamb did a better job of explaining the Trump agenda than the Republican did, and it shows the power of the Trump effect.”

In other words, the Democrats have been reduced to reacting to Trump because the president’s policies resonate so loudly with former rust belt Democrats who felt disenchanted by the party once it embraced globalism at the expense of the American working-class.

They’ve been puppets of globalism for so long – former President Obama was a Trilateralist – that the Democratic Party no longer has a laser-sharp agenda, which explains why the far-left is quickly taking advantage of the power void within the party, particularly in California.

A California newspaper recently called Nancy Pelosi the most “right-wing candidate” running in her district, for example.

Lamb’s opponent, Rick Saccone, was criticized by fellow Republicans for lacking the charisma, energy and know-how required to run an effective campaign – and yet Lamb only pulled ahead with an unverified victory by a few hundred votes.

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