The Sun
March 28, 2008

SAN BERNARDINO – In hopes of reducing injuries during arrests, every police officer patrolling the streets will be issued a Taser within months.

San Bernardino police has ordered a $13,000 shipment of 120 yellow Taser X26s, which is a new model. The stun guns will shoot two probes with charges of 1,200 watts.

The shocks essentially override a suspect’s central nervous system long enough for police to control the person.

The officers will be trained in the next six months.

“It’s a benefit to everybody, and it’s another tool we can use in the war on crime,” said Sgt. Rich Lawhead, president of the San Bernardino Police Officers Association. “It’s a step in the right direction to equip every officer.”

The “less lethal” devices will supplement 60 black Tasers used by on-duty officers.

Officers now have to check the black Tasers in and out at the station. Not every officer patrolling the streets has a Taser.

The yellow Tasers, which are 60 percent smaller and lighter, have a range of 35 feet and can penetrate two inches of clothing.

A targeting laser light also transmits from the stun guns, which allows officers to see at night.

“It’s designed to lessen injuries to both officers and the person being arrested,” police Lt. Scott Paterson said.

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