Natasha Lennard
February 25, 2013

In the Guardian Wednesday, an excerpt from a book by Victoria Brittain highlights the trauma experienced by families of al-Qaida suspects imprisoned for years in Britain facing deportation  to the United States. The passage tells the story of Ragaa, a religious Muslim woman from Egypt who moved to London following her husband Adel Abdul Bary. Abdul Bary had been arrested, imprisoned and tortured in Egypt when Hosni Mubarak and his predecessor had overseen roundups of religious leaders, politicians, journalists, army officers and others. When their family moved to London, Abdul Bary — a human rights lawyer — became, as Brittain puts it, “a bit player in one of the landmark cases of the war on terror.”

Via the Guardian:

In 1990, Adel gained refugee status in the UK, three years after he had arrived. Ragaa and the children joined him, and for five years they lived a quiet family life in London. Ragaa spoke little English, only went out occasionally, always with her husband and his friends and their wives. “He did everything, everything, for me and the kids here in London,” she says. “And I was happy because he was with me, playing with the kids, taking us to the park – it was the normal life we never had in Egypt.”

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