Recent violence in Turkey has reignited generations-long tensions between outlawed Kurdish parties and the Turkish government, threatening to derail progress made during talks between the two parties in recent years. And now it seems the two sides are locked in tit-for-tat retribution.

Kurdish groups have held the Turkish government accountable for a suicide bomb in the southern Turkish town of Suruc on Monday. The attack killed at least 31 people, mostly left-wing activists, and injured 100 others. Though the suicide bomber was apparently a 20-year-old Turkish Kurd and an Islamic State group supporter, Kurdish activists said the government failed to stem the influence of the militant group in the country. In retaliation, two Turkish officers were killed by Kurdish militants in the wake of Monday’s bombing, and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) also claimed responsibility for the assassination of two ISIS supporters in a revenge killing for Monday’s violence.

Responding to the escalation in violence, the Turkish government launched a wide-crackdown against “terrorists,” by which they included both ISIS militants and members of the PKK. More than 250 people throughout the country were arrested Thursday and Friday.

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