21- 26 minutes – American/Israeli political manipulation, Bombay attacks false flag

"Well the motive is very simple. that America wants India to come aboard with them, especially in their war on terror, especially when they run out of troops in Afghanistan, the natal allies are pulling out, they are dragging their feet, they’re not prepared to fight there. but they want to make it an Indian cause, and they want nearly 150,000 troops in Afghanistan. that is one reason, where there is an American motive. there is an Israeli motive that Americans should not pull out of Afghanistan just because they are short of troops. so they must have more troops there. because if they go away without denuclearizing Pakistan, state of Israel will remain under perpetual danger, so they have an innate fear that Americans may lose heart and pull out of this region. they’re already going out of Iraq. and if they were to go o0ut of Afghanistan, this will be an unfinished agenda, and Israel would be at the losing end. so the neurons and Zionists together want to hatch a conspiracy so that Obama gets trapped into a situation where for next four years he’ll keep on sorting out this embroil. as far as the ability is concerned which is the other element, can you imagine that people traveling from Karachi in two rickety boards that they can travel all the way to Bombay and fight a battle immediate for seventy two hours, and there are just ten of them, and in each group there are two. this is impossible, they were carry8ing so much of munitions with them, and that munitions lasted. they were fighting the crack troops of India army for so long, and you know that in marina house ,the five babushka hospitals, they were killed by the Indian commandoes. they were not killed by these people. so why would the Indian commandoes kill them. and Israelis suppressed this info, it initially came out in Indian daily, but then it was suppressed. so if you go by the record of the Indian accusations against Pakistan in the past year in 2001 Dec 13 there was an attack on the Indiana locrsiba, and they blamed Pakistan and loscribans for that but it turned out that it was Indian Kashmir’s themselves. and because India is committing so many atrocities in Kashmir, therefore threes a good reason for them that they would carry out something like that. then again in 2006, there was the Sunjata express case in which 68 express passengers mostly Pakistani war killed, and this train was stopped at an obscure railway station in Haryana and then over locked and then the train was set on fire and then it was claimed that it was Pakistani leshperitibaa, and that they had done it because they wanted to derail the peace process. but now colonel proho, of citicon proho has caught in it, and there are other Indian officers his accomplices and he has a big network
, that took ardiac(explosive) from the orally depot, which is a military depot, so one could say that there is a deep penetration of the militant Hindu in the military and intelligence organization in India. and why would they do that? because they want to derail the peace process. and what Obama says is that he will mediate on Kashmir, and then as the Kashmir political movement is picking up movement, he said with this situation, he said he would send bill Clinton as the political mediator. obviously the militants of India do not want t his to happen and they had to preempt it.
so Pakistan doesn’t gain, the Pakistani ISI does gain anything from it. net benefit either the militant Hindu on the next election….(interrupted for break)"

26-29 minutes – aggressive policy us. and India towards Pakistan prelude to central Asian dominance

"Yes indeed, I think the Americans and the Indians have both been very responsible about it because Condoleezza Rice’s statements in America in India when she went and visited Delhi, they were very threatening towards Pakistan, and it was sort of a dictation that you have to satisfy India. and this is amazing that Pakistan has to satisfy India. on what score? Indians have failed to come up with evidence. and this one man that they’ve got, who knows that he is not a bogey? and that this man was loitering around somewhere, there are lots of Pakistani who cross the border, who cross around illegally or legally, and he could have been picked up and become the front man for all those stories. so one doesn’t really know, it’s too early to be threading war against Pakistan, because Pakistan is a nuclear country, and if they brandish their power, in a conventional power, I will assure you that as a soldier, I will say that a dimensional war, limited war, within the nuclear environment is not possible in the subcontinent. and if it comes to an exchange of nuclear weapons, then this becomes the third world war. china cannot stay out, Russia will not stay out, Russia is already showing its belligerence towards the America and European china of course is a very major economic power, they are a nuclear power, and if this kind of thing happens in their backyard, they will not accept it,. so this is a very dangerous situation. I think its playing with fire. so the whole thing could get out of hand. it is, again, as I told you, the part of the unfinished agenda, that the neurons had in their minds. And they think that Obama will now carry it out, even though the Americans wanted change. But let’s look at what change means, I mean, Obama has not clearly enunciated what change would be. but one can assume that change means focusing on domestic issues, there is an economic meltdown, the car industry is going sick, and many other things are happening inside America the social welfare and the Medicare infrastructure, so all these things, there is a need for the new admin, to focus entirely on the domestic issues, and for that they will have to disengage externally."

30-32 minutes – global domination by us./ Zionists

"Yes indeed, you’re right. because, there is a whole theory, which us, military first put out by Mckinder, and then Mahan, who was an admiral in the us. navy. that this is the rim land, you have to first control the rim land of Asia, before you can strike in the heartland of Asia. so this heartland, rim land thing, I think it fits into the picture, that if they have a conflict in the rim land, and they can control it, and then it becomes so much easier to penetrate into the heartland. it is really asking so much when America is not really in a very healthy economic condition, so I think that this is brinkmanship of the highest order. and if they enlarge the area of conflict in this war against terrorism. and if they prolong the period of conflict, that America will definitely lose. because I know that when you are fighting the irregular fighters, then area of conflict is enlarged, let’s say it is extended into tribal area of Pakistan, of its pushed into Kashmir as well, so that china can be watched and monitored quite easily. then the area will become larger, and the us. simply does not have the troops. and there is not a moral cause strong enough for the American people to babe mobilized behind it. so it is shear madness to be thinking about this at such a time. "

32-36 minutes – meeting Osama,

"Well, I was actually in charge of occupation against the soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the Americans were providing the logistic support. and the Saudi’s were sharing 1/2 of the budget for this war. and it was a cheap war, because in all the 10 years we were fighting the Russians, we spent not more than 5 billion from American exchequer to have defeated the Russian and rid the whole of the west of the threat, managed that they used to call. so at that time, Osama bin laden, and his colleagues, they were admired and romanticized by cia operations,. I had never met him then. I had nothi8nhg to do with him. because I was busy training the afghans. we had to win a war, we had a task on our hands , it was a very big task. and we were so occupied with the training, only the afghans, no other national was trained by the isi, I can vouch on that, not a single person, not even , a Pakistani was trained by hem. Osama bin laden, I had never met him, but the these people used to come and talk glowingly about him. I met Osama bin laden after my retirement from the army. in 1993, December in fartoum, and then again, in 1994, November, when I was there and invited by azrabi, to an international conference, and then during that conference, Osama invited us into a banquet, and it was all in an open place, and there were many other people present. he struck me as a very normal human being. not a bloodthirsty animal that he’s presented to be by the CIA now. at that time, no conversation between him or =me took place. I don’t know if he’s living or dead. but so far, amand zowari has been giving, presenting him in various interviews of Osama that has been put out. so one doesn’t really know. but the last interview, which was the worst interview. in that, to the CIA and the other us intelligence agencies, authenticated that it was Osama’s voice. so one doesn’t’ really know

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

whether he’s living or dead. but even if he’s not living, he is now a symbol. al Qaeda is a franchise. whoever created that, and for whatever reason they created it, I think it wasn’t there until 1996 when he was launched in fartoum, later on he was invited by rabhani, who is now part of the northern alliance in Kabul, and he came over and set up his headquarters in a place called torah Bora in Jalalabad, but that’s where one started hearing of al Qaeda and the activities of Osama bin laden, and also that his commanders were responsible for bringing the Blackhawk down, in the famous operation in Mogadishu. where an American aircraft was brought down by a stinger, which was probably supplied in Afghanistan to support mujahedeen. "

37-38 minutes – fake Osama

"Yes there is no doubt about it that this video which was put out in November which was put out by George bush and said this was Osama bin laden, he was a high cheekbone like the mongoloid features, he wasn’t as tall as Osama was, and one could clearly make out that this was doctored, it had been created on purpose, just to justify the attack on Afghanistan. I think there are many things that are going wrong or being done at the behest of the CIA which are not correct. the CIA used to be good when they were working with us. I think it is their overarching ambition or fear that America will lose its clout. whatever the reason or it is perhaps that the Israelis fear that they are surrounded by a sea of hostile enemies who if the Americans don’t deliver fatal blow to all their enemies, then they will probably not exist. "

39 -40 min – state of Israel, belligerent Zionist/Neocon policies

"Yes indeed, and I think this 2006 sept experience if it is any indicator for them when they went into southern Lebanon, and they got such a buffering from Hezbollah I think that they’re not going to do such thing like that because it would mean annihilation of Israel, and in any case, the Palestinian question is a very poignant question, and I don’t know why the us admin is not addressing it diff. instead of two different states it should be one Abrahamic state of Palestine because all the 3 religions would claim that they are divine religion have their origin in Palestine and something new has to be though about. but unfortunately bush admin in its very abhorrent overages of its seniority, it turns out they will sort out this Palestinian issue by creating two states. after 8 years we have gotten nowhere at all. "

40- 42minutes – false terror

"Yes., I think they are simply afraid of me because I’ve worked with them, I understand them, I can mayor them up and I talk loudly about it, I mince no words, I pull no punches, and they are afraid I preempt whatever feelings they do. and I am loud voice, there is no doubt about it. and they are trying to frame me, there is no truth about it. if they had anything about me, when I applied for a renewal of my visa to America why did they not give it to me? because if they have something, they are looking around for terrorists hwy do this terrorist want to come over and visit America, nab me, interrogate me, take me to task, take me to court, do whatever you like. it only shows that they have something to hide. as far as bombings is concerned, it is their habit, is a very bad habit, they cultivate friends who become like Pervez Musharraf, dictators, and then they make use of them, and then they turn on them in condemnation because of their policies. And what was your last question?"

42- 44 minutes – west using false mujahedeen to try to overthrow Pakistan

"No, Benazhir was not killed by any of the terrorists. she was removed by Americans because she had violated her agreement, because they wanted to keep Pervez Musharaff there, and he’s left (unintelligible) in Pakistan. so she had become rebellious, and such a person who is a popular leader of third world country, head of the largest political party a woman who they could not attack as fundamentalist because she was so westernized so, therefore it was very important to remove her, because they had a mysterious plan they wanted to put through. so they have installed instead Mr. zarvari, who they can blackmail very easily, but have allowed him to keep the powers of a dictator, in fact he is the one calling all the shots in Pakistan. so all Pakistani is already destabilized politically. our judicial institution does not exist. because there is a judicial crisis. recently the dethroned chief justice of Pakistan—(interrupted)"

44-45 minutes – who’s staging the terrorist attacks in Pakistan and India?

"No, no, no, this is because landmassiff was attacked, and I think George bush addressed his nation on radio after that. said this was part of our plan in war against terrorism, because they were suspecting that Pakistani army and isi was not fully cooperating and because they did not consider that it was their war and therefore they created this situation where the terrorist out of sheer revenge, this is a tradition, it has nothing to do with Islam, it is (?), beholding to this tradition, long before they became Muslim, and they are still carrying it out. when you take action against a awhan, kill his daughter or his wife or his sister, he will take revenge no matter what happens. and he does not behave like a Muslim or any other entity, so this was a thing that was created, and of course Pakistan is in a very difficult position, we have a stable military institution which can control the situation, we have an isi, but the Americans are almost everywhere, attacking the isi, and attacking the military saying the this is not in the control of the political party, political power, but what is political power when parliament is signing the order, it does not work, it has no authority at all. "

46- minutes- was gen amud controlled by CIA? did he wire money to Muhammad Atta?

"Not at all, Mahmud is a friend of mine, I met him very recently in Lahore and he categorically denied this. I think this is all disinformation which has been adopted as a very sophisticated intelligence operation. "

46- minutes – terror attacks false flag in central Asia?

"This is reality, and they will retaliate. I can tell you that Afghanistan , in over 5,000 years nobody has won against them, and I think Americans cannot win, unless American intention is to stir up 3rd world war from this point. I think there is no point in staying in Afghanistan. you should negotiate with the opposition which is a national resistance now, it is no longer Taliban specific, it is afghan nation, true to their tradition, they are resisting ferociously

47 -minutes -west opium control

"Well he is a puppet of Kabul, and he will not stay very long, I can assure you, he’s already started showing signs of openness, he wants to reach out to the Taliban, but the Taliban will not even throw a crumb at him. I can assure you, the Taliban or any other resistance fighters, they will have nothing to do with him."

48 min – Reuters exposes Taliban dominance in afghan

"I have no idea, but I think light has started coming out, like Robert kagans article in Washington post dec 2, it echoes the world at risk repot, it is similar. they are focusing on Pakistan, because nuke capability is unacceptable by Israel and India, and there is every possibility that Pakistan becomes a target. "

49 minutes – future possibilities

"No one is so stupid. we’ve been through the game. far leftist parties in India are very strong. India is slowly turning the world to its own problems. they signed India, feel good Indian, this is all make believe. propaganda. India is in a miserable state. economy is dwindling, 400 million living on less than $1 a day. this is beginning to have an effect because 108,000 farmers committed suffice, and this is not born out of 608 districts of India, 231 in turmoil, mostly under control of dictators. "

–End statements.

"Thank you sir. Oh, I don’t have a website, unfortunately, but I think you have a website, they can read my (statements there)" INFOWARS.COM!!!

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