Laurence Vance
August 28, 2011

Michele Bachmann pledges to repeal the tax code, dramatically cut spending, eliminate the Dept. of Education, and eliminate the EPA. On the EPA she said she intends “to turn out the lights and lock the doors.” As much as I despise the tax code, government spending, the Dept. of Education, and the EPA, it is Congress that will have to change these things. For the president alone to have the power to do so would mean that we had a dictatorship.

For someone who criticizes the EPA, it is a little inconsistent of Bachmann to write to the EPA, as she did last year, “requesting that EPA support a $270,806 grant application designed to help a St. Cloud, Minn., bus company replace two older motor coaches.”

Something Bachmann could do without destroying the Constitution to save it (and something Ron Paul would do) is, as commander in chief, to end the undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, stop the military actions in Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere, and bring all the troops home from everywhere. But of course, this is the last thing Bachmann would ever do because, like all of the other major Republican candidates (except for Ron Paul), she is a bloodthirsty warmonger.

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