The percentage of criminal aliens captured entering the country through the US-Mexico border illegally has increased over the past two years, a recent report states.

While US Customs and Border Protection agents along Texas’ southern border say they’ve encountered fewer immigrants with criminal histories this year than in 2014, a report from a CBS affiliate indicates that over the past three years “the likelihood or probability of an agent encountering a criminal has grown.”

“This year we’re at 4,500 criminal immigrants or aliens that we have arrested,” Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol spokesperson Omar Zamora told CBS affiliate “Last year, the same time frame or year to date, we were at 6,000 (criminal immigrants) so we’ve seen about a 1,500 decrease.”

But, however, says according to their research the percentage of criminals contained within those groups, while minimal, has increased steadily.

“Action 4 News crunched the numbers and found that in 2013, fewer than 2.5% of Rio Grande Valley apprehensions were criminals, had gang-related ties, or were sex offenders,” reports Ashley Custer, illustrating their calculations with pie charts.


“In 2014, that percentage grew to just over 3%,” Custer reports.


“In 2015, just over 4.5% of those apprehended by RGV sector agents had a criminal background, were gang members, or were known sex offenders.”


Border agents say they are all too aware of the criminal element.

“The criminal aliens that I’m talking about can range anywhere from a hit-and-run, DWI, assault and all the way up to and including murder,” Zamora said.

“Many times, there’s family reunification or they are looking for some economic prosperity,” said Zamora, adding, “but there’s also that group of individual is coming across to do harm to the citizens here in this country, or they are here to steal, rob and commit other criminal acts.”

Earlier this week, agents in the Rio Grande Valley also reportedly apprehended eight illegal immigrants all convicted of sex crimes, one of which was a pedophile.

The debate over US border security has received increased attention since presidential candidate Donald Trump’s controversial remarks regarding criminal illegal immigrants entering the border from Mexico.

Just last week, Infowars reporters traveled to Laredo, Texas, where they were able to film illegal immigrants swimming across the Rio Grande River within moments of arriving at the border.

The footage served to further validate not only Trump’s earlier remarks, but the general American sentiment among Americans regarding illegal activity on the border.

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