Because Muslims in Canada are so discriminated against, one was just denied subsidized housing in a Christian-only building. Just kidding.

Fooled you, didn’t I? Or maybe not…since Canada is such a bastion of leftists and wimps.

Actually, everything above just needs to be reversed a little bit. Almost like a sex change.

A Canadian man was denied housing because he’s not a Muslim. Not a Muslim. Got it? A video of this and other Canadian silliness:

The man being denied housing is just a white guy—yeah, yeah, so he’s disabled. BFD. That doesn’t really matter—no one cares. After all, he and his friends won’t go blow crap up. He’ll probably fade into the background, as everyone is too afraid to stand up for him. Why? Well…who wants to argue with the Islamists? Doing so may be a blow-up-worthy offense.

The best part? This non-Muslim disabled white man was denied subsidized housing. Meaning everyone’s tax money goes into paying for it. Christians, Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, etc. pay for it, but this non-Muslim disabled white guy isn’t allowed to use it. Why? Because he’s a non-Muslim disabled white guy. Think this couldn’t happen in America? It already kind of has.

Welcome to leftism. Kindly leave your walkers, wheelchairs, canes and realistic expectations at the door. But bring in your bullying and victimy ways right on in. Heck, Sweden’s let the Muslims through the door, and they’re having a regular block party.

Oh Canada.

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