Independent journalist Michael Tracey has been traveling the country over the past few weeks to try and capture the wholesale destruction caused by the Black Lives Matter riots which he suspects the media is refusing to cover because they don’t want to be perceived as “discrediting the movement.”

“[Chicago Police] officer mentioned to me being shocked at how little media coverage the riots in these neighborhoods received — an opinion locals tend to agree with,” Tracey said while touring Chicago the other day. “The scale of it is crazy. But journalists apparently don’t want to be perceived as ‘discrediting the movement’ or whatever.”

“These could very well have been the most widespread simultaneous riots EVER in US history, at least within an extremely contained period of time (weekend of May 29 to June 1, scattered incidents afterwards) but the media coverage has simply not conveyed the scale of what occurred.”

Owen airs a new video of an unarmed black man who was body slammed by a cop for not wearing a mask in a store.

Fox News reported Monday that experts say the BLM riots are likely to be “the most expensive civil disturbance in US history” and are expected to “far exceed” the $1.4 billion in damages (in 2020 dollars) from the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

As Fox News reported: “In Minneapolis, where some 400 businesses were damaged, owners and insurance experts estimate costs of the damage to exceed $500 million, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.”





As I reported earlier this month, Corporate America has pledged some $1.7 billion to Black Lives Matter initiatives.

Even though Corporate America were just recently given some $4.5 trillion in taxpayer bailout money, I haven’t heard of any similar pledge on their behalf to help rebuild the small businesses and livelihoods these rioters destroyed.

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