While mainstream reporters from MSNBC and others ran away from gunfire in Ferguson, Mo., Infowars reporters Jakari Jackson and Joe Biggs stood their ground instead and continued reporting.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in particular stopped his broadcast and ran for cover after hearing gun shots last night, but in complete contrast, Biggs and Jackson reported on the scene near the gunfire and even counted the shots.

“At one point in a five minute span, I counted about 100 shots,” Biggs reported.

In general, mainstream media reported on the protests from designated “media zones” in relative safety far away from the protests whereas independent journalists were livestreaming straight from the front lines.

Exclusive Footage

A local barbershop was not saved from the rioters:

Biggs and Jackson count the gunshots they hear during the rioting:

Reporter David Knight explains that while Officer Darren Wilson may have been justified in the shooting, what people needed to see was an open, transparent investigation which didn’t happen:

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