Video footage shows a huge crowd of Muslims in India flooding the street to prevent health authorities quarantining an Islamic scholar believed to be infected with coronavirus.

The incident took place in Balbhoonpura. The clip shows the huge mob not even attempting to practice “social distancing” as they angrily chant slogans and march through the street.

“Hundreds of Muslims came out onto the streets to prevent the Islamic cleric from being quarantined,” reports OpIndia.

“Some others were also to be quarantined. So far, 15 people in the area have been confirmed to have tested positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus, which includes 8 persons who had attended the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi. The Imam and 14 other persons had come into contact with those COVID-19 patients, and that’s why they are needed to be quarantined and tested.”

Rumors began to spread that authorities were mistreating the Imam and other individuals, prompting the mob to swarm the streets in protest.

The crowd surrounded police and the medical team sent to the area, with local Muslim politicians having to be brought to calm them down. Some of the individuals seen protesting were members of the Deobandi School of Islam, which has been linked with Islamic extremism.

Despite the area being a hotspot for coronavirus, the Imam and the other individuals were not placed into quarantine.

Earlier this month, there was a similar incident in Pakistan where police attempted to enforce a quarantine law by closing down a mosque but were chased away by a violent mob.

A video out of Berlin also showed Muslim worshippers flagrantly violating Germany’s quarantine law and social distancing rules by congregating outside a mosque as police fail in attempting to disperse them.


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