Health officials in Maryland are scrambling to explain why a 12-month-old Baltimore infant developed a measles-like rash weeks after receiving the measles vaccine.

City health authorities are closely monitoring a 1-year-old girl who, despite receiving a measles vaccination on January 2, developed a rash typically associated with the highly-infectious measles virus.

“It’s frightening to think… Could measles be in Baltimore?” pondered City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen.

It’s even more frightening to think that the vaccine meant to prevent the measles could actually be causing it.

“This child does have a lot of symptoms of measles and also has positive blood testing,” Dr. Wen admitted, according to CBS Baltimore, but the diagnosis has not yet been confirmed – as developing a “measles-like rash” is a symptom associated with Merck’s M-M-R vaccine.

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Since measles cases started cropping up at the Disneyland theme park in California last month, media outlets and health authorities have colluded to whip the public into a panic, urging the unvaccinated to head to their nearest clinic while parroting the claim that the outbreak was exacerbated by people who refused the vaccine.

An article published in The Los Angeles Times last week, however, stated that many people infected with measles had in fact been vaccinated.

“Their cases point to a lesser-known aspect of the measles vaccine: That even those who get the shots have a small risk of getting sick, especially older people who were immunized in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s,” The Times reported.

The report went on to state that, out of 43 Disney-related measles patients, “37 were unimmunized, one had only one shot, and five were fully immunized.”

The Times also noted that 18 percent of the people who contracted measles in California last year, which affected travelers who visited the Philippines, had also been immunized against the disease.

The article also highlighted the curious case of a New York City woman who, despite being fully vaccinated, contracted and spread the disease to others in 2011, marking the first time “that a fully immunized person could transmit measles to others, researchers said.”

Predictably, the medical establishment and its apologists’ response to a possibly ineffective vaccine has been to urge the public to get more vaccines; yet, deaths that occur post-vaccination still fail to receive attention.

Take the case of Kiera Driscoll, a five-year-old Las Vegas girl who died in the hospital last Sunday after developing influenza, even though she had been vaccinated against the exact same strain of flu.

“The youngster is the fourth child in the Nevada-based county – and the 56th nationwide – to have died from the flu in the past few months as vaccines have proved largely ineffective,” the Daily Mail reported.

Last month, Infowars also covered the case of Ayzlee McCarthy, a child from Iowa who also inexplicably died after receiving a flu vaccine.

But vaccine deaths aren’t just limited to the young.

In November 2013, a Utah mother went public claiming she believed her son’s death to be a direct result of taking the flu shot.

“We’re angry because we believe it’s the flu shot that (caused) it,” mother Lori Webb told The Salt Lake Tribune. “I’ve never been so scared in all my life to see my son go through so much.”

Many are also unaware that the overwhelming number of people who have experienced life-altering adverse reactions following vaccine injections led the U.S. government in 1986 to appoint a special governing body to deal solely with vaccine injury cases.

A program known as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which receives up to 20,000 reports a year, also works to document adverse vaccine reactions, up to and including death, acting as an early-warning service to alert CDC and FDA authorities.

The CDC itself has a horrible track record of informing the public of vaccines’ ill effects.

While a link to cancer and the polio vaccine of the 1950s and 60s had long been established, the CDC in 2013 abruptly decided to delete web pages dedicated to the debacle’s history, a vaccine which they admitted had been administered to over 98 million Americans despite being contaminated with a primate form of cancer virus.

Last month, the CDC also came out stating their flu vaccine was not properly matched for this year’s flu strain, and earlier this month, the US’ foremost health authority also came out and admitted the vaccine helped less than 1 in four.

Watch: Infowars Nightly News Director Rob Dew runs down the list of ingredients and potential side effects associated with the M-M-R vaccine.

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