April 10, 2012

Another round of excellent entries from the front line of the information war.

More info, including past video entries.

Infowars Reporter Anchor Contest Entry – NDAA and Trayvon Martin

TJ Smith Infowars Contest Submission #2

Control the Food, Control the People – USDA Backs Monsanto Again

Infowars Contest: Gus – CNN Favorability Poll, Ron Paul’s “Viability”

The Benefits of the Alex Jones Show

TJ Smith Infowars Reporter Contest Submission Reporter Contest 006 . The New Black Panthers Call For Violence Against Whites


C-David Ortiz Project

Incrementalism: The Globalist Key to Unrestrained Slaughter

Sam Vaughan for Alex jones

Infowars reporter contest entry: Suppression of free energy technology

Ants and Their Enemies

Flashpoint Radio April 6-Trayvon Martin, Kendrec McDade. Hatred everywhere. Reporter Contest: Joe Beck

Info wars tryout

Infowars Reporter Contest Entry 7: The Federal Reserve Reporter Contest 003 • TheRealStoryNews 3-29-12 • 450 Million Hollow Points

What the Frack is going on?

NDRP Biggest Power Grab Yet

The Reopen America Back to School Special is now live! Earn double Patriot Points on our hottest items!

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