April 10, 2012

Another round of excellent entries from the front line of the information war.

More info, including past video entries.

Infowars Reporter Anchor Contest Entry – NDAA and Trayvon Martin

TJ Smith Infowars Contest Submission #2

Control the Food, Control the People – USDA Backs Monsanto Again

Infowars Contest: Gus – CNN Favorability Poll, Ron Paul’s “Viability”

The Benefits of the Alex Jones Show

TJ Smith Infowars Reporter Contest Submission Reporter Contest 006 . The New Black Panthers Call For Violence Against Whites


C-David Ortiz Project

Incrementalism: The Globalist Key to Unrestrained Slaughter

Sam Vaughan for Alex jones

Infowars reporter contest entry: Suppression of free energy technology

Ants and Their Enemies

Flashpoint Radio April 6-Trayvon Martin, Kendrec McDade. Hatred everywhere. Reporter Contest: Joe Beck

Info wars tryout

Infowars Reporter Contest Entry 7: The Federal Reserve Reporter Contest 003 • TheRealStoryNews 3-29-12 • 450 Million Hollow Points

What the Frack is going on?

NDRP Biggest Power Grab Yet

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