July 19, 2012

The wool Obama’s been pulling over everyone’s eyes is growing thin. Sheriff Arpaio’s recent confirmation that Obama’s birth certificate is “definitely fraudulent” is only a small detail in a growing laundry list of damning evidence against the failed Democrat “leader.”

Compounded with an awkward, seemingly ad-lib speech against small business owners, and Infowarriors taking to the streets in protest of the corruption, Obama will need a Katrina-like or 9/11-esque event to pose as savior of to bring his reign back into the public’s favor.

What does Infowars have in store for Mitt Romney? Stay tuned and find out…

Because of all the fantastic contest submissions we’ve received, Alex has decided to announce the winner of Phase Two of the contest Monday, July 23.

For a master list of all entries and to read the contest rules visit the green link at the top of

Stop Dictator Obama FULL VERSION United We Stand *Chicago*

Allie Jawz and Koopa Promoting INFOWARS.COM

Extended Deadline Mix – Infowars Stop Dictator Obama Video Contest

DICTATOR OBAMA (INFOWARS.COM) Chicago, IL. (Music by HI-STEREO, Sucio Fuerte)

Unmasking the Tyranny of Obama ***Extended Cut***

How Do You Expose Tyrants LOUDLY! (Updated edit)

free your mind

The entries below were received after the contest deadline

“The Dictator” Poster Entry for

Dictator Obama contest!

infowars (909Chaotic)

A Battle in the Infowar from Fema Region X (updated, extended)

Guerrilla INFOwarfare


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