Catch Alex Jones joining Logan Paul to red pill the popular social media star on everything from censorship to the New World Order.


Don’t miss the teaser that started the hype:

On Tuesday Paul tweeted a small preview of what to expect on his upcoming episode of Impaulsive:

Already the mainstream media is losing their sh*t over the mega-star crossover:

Riding high off the success of his most recent appearance on the popular Joe Rogan Experience, which practically broke the internet, Jones has embarked on a podcast tour of sorts, joining other ostracized hosts who value free speech and want to break through Big Tech censorship.

On Tuesday Jones also appeared with Eddie Bravo on the Tin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli podcast.

Jones also hosted Rogan in the Infowars studio last month.

Recently Infowars reporter Kaitlin Bennett was also invited to appear on “Impaulsive” to discuss gun rights, gun regulations and why she works for Alex Jones.

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