Infowars has selected the winner of our latest contest seeking the best analysis of Obama’s recent Oval Office address, in which the president laid out an attack plan on the Second Amendment.

In the spirit of free speech and independent journalism, Alex Jones launched the “Analyze Obama’s Speech” video contest. Participants were asked to analyze Obama’s speech given in response to the San Bernardino shooting earlier this month.

Infowars and Alex Jones want to congratulate first prize winner Rupert Q. for the following piece:

Here are the top runners up:

Obama’s Plan To Keep Us Safe

Obama Is Putting Everyone On A List – Analyze Obama’s Speech Contest

Comments for

Infowars Contest Oval Office Address

Obama EVIL Eyes and Big Ears


Infowars would like to salute everyone who participated in this contest for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Remember we’re still running the $6,000 Make Fun of Hillary, Defend the First Amendment Contest, which runs through December 23.

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