February 26, 2014

You are also reminded that any ‘inappropriate’ remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest.” – TSA public announcement at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

After an exhausting review of every entry, Infowars is pleased to announce the $10,000 winner of the “We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny” film contest.

We launched the contest back in November to reassert our birth right to free speech in response to the attacks on the First Amendment by both the Transportation Security Administration and the National Security Agency.

These agencies want to silence any criticism aimed at them while they continue to grossly violate our rights with impunity, yet criticism of our own government is the most protected freedom of expression by far.

Last year, the NSA began shutting down t-shirt vendors under the guise of “copyright infringement” because the vendors sold shirts calling out the agency for their crimes.

The agency also engages in the ultimate suppression of free speech by listening in on all of your electronic communications, making you fear what you say to friends and family.

Meanwhile, the Transportation Security Administration is conditioning Americans into mere sheep at airports across the country.

You can now be arrested for complaining about your abuse or simply making jokes at the airport. The TSA is using color of law to make you believe free speech is a crime.

But through this contest, we fought back.

Without further ado, here is the “We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny” contest winner:

Dick Johnson: TSA Wunderkind!
By David Kirk West / Buck The System

The TSA is not just the perfect place for a sexual predator to work, but to also excel in a career path.

TSA field agent Dick Johnson is a prime example of this.

Here are some runner-ups to the contest:

TSA: Now Hiring!

Trendy TSA

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. We would like to continue featuring contest entries in our articles when the subject matter is shared by both.

We want to showcase your dedication to liberty.

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