Rich Lord
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 26, 2011

A journalist who covered the G-20 Summit for the website and for The Alex Jones Show has sued the city of Pittsburgh over his treatment at the hands of police two years ago.

Robert Dew, of Austin, Texas, was leading a three-man crew for Free Speech Systems LLC, which runs and The Alex Jones Show, a syndicated radio news talk show, according to the complaint filed Saturday by Montana attorney Elmer Stewart Rhodes III.

Though he was not protesting the gathering of world leaders, and complied with police orders, he “was detained, arrested, and imprisoned by uniformed City of Pittsburgh police officers, or other police officers acting under the authority of the City of Pittsburgh, who assaulted him, wrongfully detained and arrested him, put him in fear of serious bodily harm, and held him against his will in false imprisonment under harsh conditions overnight for approximately twelve hours,” the complaint said.

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