March 29, 2012

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The Reporter Contest is turning out to be an unqualified success. But there is a problem. A lot of the entries did not follow the rules, so they were not included. Here are the rules again. Please note the bold text:

In order to enter, you must produce and upload a video to YouTube. We will not accept VIMEO or any other online video platform. You cannot send us a link to a video on your website. It must be YouTube!
• You must upload a video on your own YouTube account. You can create an account just for this contest; we will be contacting you via email on your YouTube account.
• Your video can be no longer than ten minutes in length. If your video is longer than ten minutes it will not be accepted.
All videos must have a 7 second slate with reporter’s name, home state, and your credits in the report (i.e., research, reporting, editing, graphics, sound etc) at the beginning and end of your video. Also, let us know the multimedia skills you possess so we can consider it for hiring purposes.

To reemphasize: Videos cannot be longer than ten minutes and must have a slate with the above information. This is very important. If your video does not include this, it will not be considered.

Remember, this is a contest for an reporter. Although we appreciate music videos, comedy, and mini-documentaries, these kind of videos will not be considered. Take your cues from Alex’s Nightly News show. We need straight up video journalism.

Keep in mind that you can submit as many entries as you like, but they cannot be multiple parts covering one story. Each video must have a separate topic.

Also, we are discouraging the use of more than one reporter per video. We want to see how you can handle reporting on your own. That’s part of the reason we are running the contest.

At the end of the day, the goal is to find reporters who capable of handling location reporting, researching topics, gathering and coalescing facts, and putting together engaging news packages.

Additionally, keep in mind that while you do not need 100% original footage for your reports, we cannot be held responsible if YouTube pulls down your video claiming copyright violation.

Here’s the official guidelines again. Please read them carefully:

* It is strongly encouraged that you present yourself as reporting for and that you prominently display and throughout your report.

We recommend that you use the following guidelines when producing your video. Of course, better ideas always prevail and if you have a better idea or breaking news you want to cover, or an important guest that you can interview, by all means, go all out and impress us.

Here are three segment ideas we would like to see in your video:

Segment One, Reporter: Cover one story as an on-scene reporter.
Here is an example:

You can have notes in hand. We are looking for individuals who can report the news but also add insight into how the current article/story relates to the larger globalist agenda.

Segment Two, Anchor: You will be seated at a desk and read two different stories. Again we want you to add insight into how the current article relates to the larger agenda. You do not need to add graphics, but you can and it may add value to your report.

Segment Three, On the Street: Interview at least 3 people on the street on a current topic covered on The interviews do not need to be long (i.e. 2 or 3 questions each person)

• We prefer that you are holding a microphone when conducting interviews or reporting on scene. We prefer you edit your own segments create any graphics that appear on screen. We want you to WOW us.

• Feel free to have a cameraman run your camera. You can have assistance in producing your video i.e. cameras, lighting, editing. You can also use graphics, b-roll, or sound-track packages to give your video the extra punch.

• If you do not feel you have the proper equipment you can check out your cable local access station for assistance.

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